Ukrainian Parliament sacks foreign and interior ministers

The Ukrainian Parliament has dismissed Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk, a key ally of President Viktor Yushchenko and Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko. Defense Minister could lose his job too.

The dismissals have not come as a surprise and were previously planned by the special commission reviewing the work of both ministries.
The deputies accused Mr Tarasyuk of working in the government while heading the opposition party.
They also raised the recent controversy over Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich’s delayed trip to the United States.
The parliamentarians also believe Mr Tarasyuk has links which are too close to Russia.
The Interior Minister was blamed for the corruption in his ministry.
According to Russia Today's correspondent in Kiev, the Minister of Defence could lose his job too.
President Viktor Yushchenko is against the Parliaments’ decision and could appeal to the Constitution court to reverse it or re-appoint the same person for these positions.