Ukrainian leaders ask for help from abroad

Ukrainian leaders ask for help from abroad
Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich and the leaders of the Socialist and Communist parliamentary factions, are appealing to PACE, the EU and other international organisations, to help resolve the country's political stand-off.   &nbs

There is no official reaction from President Yushchenko so far.

President Yushchenko has dismissed a second Constitutional judge, Susanna Stanik, accusing her of “violating her oath”. Earlier on Monday, the President fired another judge, Valery Pshenichny, on the 18-strong panel for the same reason.

Their dismissal reduces the likelihood that the Court will be able to solve the political crisis.

Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich says the President is trying to usurp power and paralyse the work of the Constitutional Court, which has been considering the legality of his law to dissolve Parliament and call early elections.

So far Europe has not given any reaction to Yanukovich's appeal.

As for the situation in the streets of Kiev, most people are taking a break from demonstrations due to Tuesday's Labour Day celebrations.

The Ukrainian Central Elections Committee has reportedly begun preparation for parliamentary elections.