Ukrainian gas plant evicts cats and dogs

Ukrainian gas plant evicts cats and dogs
An oil and gas refinery in the city of Kremenchug in eastern Ukraine has “deported” all cats and dogs living on its territory, Ukrainian news agency Novini Poltavshchiny reports.

Deputy chief engineer Valery Berdyaev said the animals have caused two serious accidents.

After the first breakage workers only got rid of several cats. The management also instructed all departments to take measures to prevent animals from entering key units.

This was not enough, however, and when a stray cat caused a failure in 11 units of the plant – including pumps, computers, lab equipment and ventilation – the management decided to crackdown on the animals.

They also say one of the “deported” cats has already returned three times, causing a short circuit.

There is no information whether other cats and dogs have attempted to return from exile.