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29 Apr, 2008 01:31

Ukrainian claims he’s related to British Queen

A journalist named Vadim Korako from the small Ukrainian city of Zhitomir claims to have royal origins and to be related to the British Queen. He discovered documents indicating that his parents were British spies and he was born in England. However, trac

According to the papers he found, Vadim is Sir Kipling Vadim Roland Michael. Copies of birth certificates, private correspondence and photographs suggest that he was born in London.

His Ukrainian father is reportedly his uncle, a British intelligence officer who adopted him immediately after the deaths of his natural parents. The new family apparently came to the then Soviet Union on a secret mission in the early 70s.

“You see I tried to find out if my father really studied in the conservatory as he told me. I wrote to them and they could not find any proof of it. I went to the hospital where he died and even there all the documents were destroyed,” Vadim said.

So proving his claims has turned out to be far more difficult than first thought.

The family records centre in England told him that all information regarding his case was moved to the top secret archives.

Vadim doesn’t have a single original record to trace his connection to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, who are related to the Windsors as well.

Despite that, a Ukrainian court has ruled in favour of his royal discovery, and he has settled for simply sending Christmas cards to the Queen each year.