Ukraine's election commission ordered to review Timoshenko ban

A Kiev court has forced the Central Election Commission (CEC) to reconsider the registration of Yulia Timoshenko bloc for parliamentary elections next month. The opposition party was barred from the polls for its failure to provide full addresses of its c

On Wednesday the CEC should review the registration claim and the documents of 450 candidates, and then pronounce their judgement.

But Yulia Timoshenko may have misunderstood the court’s decision because she later said that it has obliged the CEC to register her party rather than review the registration. 

“The decision’s put an end to all provocations against our Bloc. It proves that the Central Election Commission was wrong, that it was a clear attempt of political repression. The CEC is now obliged to follow the court’s decision and register our Bloc,” she commented.

As for the protests, they seem to be drawing to an end. People have been campaigning in front of the CEC for the last three days. Nevertheless, tomorrow the demonstrators will resume the rally waiting for the final decision of the election officials.