Ukraine: Another try to resolve political crisis

The anti-crisis group set up by Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, is set to draft the documents needed for early parliamentary elections.

The committee's failed to settle a number of issues, including the date of the vote.

The country's National Security and Defence Council will also analyse the political situation in the country at its Friday session.

Opposition forces are urging the President to adopt a tougher stance in his talks with the governing coalition, represented by the country's Prime Minister.

The coalition threatens to introduce amendments to the Constitution to limit the President's power.

Ukraine's Constitutional Court is continuing to discuss President Viktor Yushchenko's decrees to dissolve parliament and to call an early elections.

If the Court rules the order unconstitutional, the political situation in the country could worsen.

Meanwhile, supporters of the governing coalition have resumed rallies in Ukraine's capital, Kiev.