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5 Jul, 2007 02:15

UK terror threat downgraded

British police say they have arrested all the suspects in last week's bomb plots in London and Glasgow. On Wednesday the government downgraded the terror level from critical to severe.

The British capital is preparing to commemorate the July 7 bombing two years ago, in which 52 people died.

On Friday, police in London found two Mercedes cars packed with gas, petrol and nail bombs allegedly intended to be detonated and kill as many people as possible.

On Saturday in Glasgow, two men drove a burning Jeep with gas canisters into the main terminal of the Glasgow Airport, setting it on fire. The latest wave of terror in Britain came as the baptism of fire for the cabinet of new Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Britain's terror alert has been raised to the highest possible level.

Neil Ellis, Head of Resilience at the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies says that “we have to accept that we can not guarantee perfect security. We can not guarantee that the intelligence and the security services will be able to thwart every single attack. What it becomes is an attempt to reduce risk, to reduce vulnerability. It needs to be a comprehensive process – not only the intelligence services, the police but it is up to the communities as well”.

“According to the former Director General of the secret services – he said earlier this year that there were some 2,000 suspects who are radical or willing to commit acts of terrorism. I also believe that they did a survey that there were some 100,000 British Muslims or for Muslims in the UK who are sympathetic to the goals or means of terrorists,” Henry Wilkinson, Intelligence Analyst, Janusian Security Risk Management adds.