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UK protesters slam campaign in Libya

Anti-war activists have taken to the streets of London to demonstrate against NATO's military intervention in Libya. The demonstrators say it is time NATO was brought to book.

­“We are now three times as many as we were against the war in Afghanistan a year ago,” said one the activists. “And no reason was brought to account for this; no questions have been raised in the British Parliament or anywhere else. So this goes on. And yet Gaddafi’s crimes, whatever they may or may not be, are treated differently. I think most people around the world do regard it as double standards and do regard it as unacceptable!

Atrocities that Gaddafi is said to have committed pale into insignificance beside those that George Bush and Tony Blair committed in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere,” another told RT.

The protest comes amid reports of growing civilian casualties, escalating costs and no end in sight to the bloody conflict.

According to officials, the UK has already poured more than $200 million into the campaign and risks doubling that if the operation drags on much longer.