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18 Jun, 2007 20:18

Two more Palestinian rockets hit Israel

According to the Associated Press, militants in Gaza have reportedly fired two more rockets at Israel. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the missile attack. Earlier on Monday one Palestinian was killed and ten others wounded in a shooting

Israeli rescue services say Palestinian gunmen and Israeli soldiers exchanged fire at the Erez crossing in the north of Gaza.

Hundreds of Gaza residents, including Russian citizens, are trying to leave the region through the Erez checkpoint. 

The crossing has been closed since fighting broke out between Hamas and Fatah.

Aleksandr Shumilin, the Head of the Middle East Conflicts Centre, says the future of the region is unstable and while there are signs of stabilisation on the West Bank, the situation in Gaza will continue to deteriorate.

“It's clear the authority of the new government will extend only to the West Bank. Security has been stepped up in the area. This government now has the edge – it is eligible to receive Western, Arab and also Russian aid. The Cabinet will seek to restore order and create conditions that will be completely different to what's happening in Gaza. They now have the means to do this. As for Gaza, the situation there is set to worsen every day, I would even say, every hour. With Islamist Hamas controlling the territory, they will try to introduce an order based on Sharia laws. In fact, they are doing that already. The economic outlook is bleak; supplies like food and fuel are running short,” Mr Shumilin said.

“The Palestinian issue is being resolved by the Quartet, but in my opinion there doesn't seem to be any safe, political and peaceful solution to it in the foreseeable future. The issue will have to be resolved by force. Only Israel, rather than the UN peacekeeping forces, will restore order in the region, and it will be done with the use of force and blood being spilt,” he added.