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6 Feb, 2013 11:52

Tunisia mass protests: LIVE UPDATES

Tunisia mass protests: LIVE UPDATES

The assassination of the Tunisian opposition leader Chokri Belaid has sparked mass protests in the capital, Tunis, and in several cities across the country.

13:07 GMT: Tunisian police deployed teargas in the southern city of Gafsa to disperse hundreds of men who had gathered to protest the killing of Belaid. Protesters continued to throw stones and chant slogans as police fired teargas to break up the violent demonstration.

February 7

Belaid, who was leader of Tunisia’s Democratic Patriotic Party, was killed as he was leaving his house in Tunis, the country’s capital.cabinet

19:41 GMT: Policeman has been killed in violent clashes with protesters, the country’s Interior ministry said.

PM #jbali is announcing a Technocrats Gov #tunisia#ripblaid

— myriam ben ghazi(@myriambenghazi) February 6, 2013

18:50 GMT: The Tunisian prime minister said he is going to dissolve the government and form a national unitycabinet.

15:40 GMT: Four opposition parties have suspended their membership in Tunisia's constituent assembly and have called for a strike, AFP reports.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba in downtown #Tunis is quiet after protesters were chased out by security forces with tear gas and clubs #ChokriBelaid

— Tunisia Live (@Tunisia_Live) February 6, 2013

14:52GMT: Tunisian opposition announces suspension of its membership in the constituent assembly, Reuters reports.14:49 GMT: Tunisian Opposition calls for a general strike on Chokri Belaid funeral, Al Arabiya reports.

The ambulance was teargased #ripblaid#tunisia

— myriam ben ghazi(@myriambenghazi) February 6, 2013

Downtown #Tunis now #ChokriBelaid#Tunisiatwitter.com/Tunisia_Live/s…

— Tunisia Live (@Tunisia_Live) February 6, 2013

14:26 GMT: Tunisia’s President Moncef Marzouki says the assassination of opposition leader Chokri Belaid will not derail transition to democracy in the country, AP reports.

The streets are getting full again after the police crackdown #ripblaid#tunisia

— myriam ben ghazi(@myriambenghazi) February 6, 2013

14:06 GMT: People are running away after police spread teargas to disperse thousands of protesters who gathered in near the Interior Ministry building in Tunis.The note reads ‘Teargas’ in French.

Lacrymos! #Tunistwitpic.com/c1cq21

— Sana.A (@sanabdj) February 6, 2013

Police use force against protesters on Habib Bourguiba Avenue in #Tunis resorting to tear gas and batons #ChokriBelaid

— Tunisia Live (@Tunisia_Live) February 6, 2013

The ruling Ennahda party’s HQ is in the Tunisian coastal city of Monastir. #ChokriBelaïd#AssassinatPolitiquetwitter.com/khaledcoolone/…

— Fouilleurone (@khaledcoolone) February 6, 2013

The ruling Ennahda party’s HQ in the Tunisian coastal city of Monastir.

13:27 GMT: Calls for a second revolution have been heard from the crowd in front of the Interior Ministry. The protesters are chanting “We are all Chokri,” “O Chokri, O martyr, we will follow your path," and “Terrorism, bullets, Tunisians are fearless”.

13:00 GMT: French President Francois Hollande has condemned the shooting of a prominent Tunisian, expressing his concern with “the mounting political violence in Tunisia.”12:50 GMT:  The ruling Ennahda party that heads Tunisia's governing coalition has said it had nothing to do with the assassination of Chokri Belaid, Reuters reports.

12:30 GMT: Residents report communications network malfunctions in the capital.12:25 GMT: In the city of Sidi Bouzid police are firing teargas at protesters, AFP reports. Some 200 protesters attacked the police station in the central town of Sidi Bouzid. Police fired teargas to force the crowd back.

12:10 GMT: Witnesses report communications network malfunctions in the capital.

The network was cut of foe a while so my tweets were not sending

— myriam ben ghazi(@myriambenghazi) February 6, 2013

12:08 GMT: Tunisia police fire tear gas and warning shots near Interior Ministry, Al Jazeera reports.12:03 GMT: Some protesters have tried to charge wire fences surrounding the ministry, TunisiaLive reports.

In front of the Ministry of the Interior in downtown #Tunis now #ChokriBelaid#Tunisiatwitter.com/Tunisia_Live/s…

— Tunisia Live (@Tunisia_Live) February 6, 2013

11:55 GMT: The Ennahda ruling party’s offices have been torched in several cities across Tunisia, according to the Interior Minister. 11:40 GMT: In Gafsa Governorate, central Tunisia, people stormed have stormed Ennahda’s local branch office. Protesters are making their way to the local governor’s office, TunisaLive reports.11:15 GMT: Thousands of protesters gathered in the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid, cradle of the Arab Spring uprisings. "More than 4,000 are protesting now, burning tires and throwing stones at the police," Reuters reports, citing a local man.11:10 GMT: The number of protesters continues to grow. The Popular Front coalition has joined the protest. 

10:50 GMT: More protesters are flocking from Liberté Street to the Interior Ministry building to join the mass of protesters.  10:11 GMT: Tunisian opposition leader Chokri Belaid has been shot dead outside his home. Thousands of Tunisians gathered for the mass protest in front of the Interior Ministry and in many others towns. Cries of “the government should fall” have been heard.