Toddler survives fall onto busy road from moving car (VIDEO)

A four-year-old girl has miraculously survived after falling out of a moving car right before the wheels of another one.

­The incident took place at a busy crossroads in Wenzhou city in China's southeastern Zhejiang province.

A traffic camera video shows the little girl slipping out of the front door of the car – under the wheels of a taxi following behind that manages to pull up right in time.

Scared to death, the child’s father leaps out of his car – barely caring about what could happen to a driver-less vehicle. Fortunately, instead of driving into a busy road, the car hits a nearby tree.

As it turned out, the girl climbed from the back of the seat to the front while her father was driving and accidentally opened the door.

“It is only thanks to the low speed of the taxi, and fast braking by the driver that the girl was not hit by the vehicle,” police officer Chen Shu told CCTV.

The girl is now perfectly fine – she has suffered only some slight bruising.