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24 Jan, 2008 04:57

The Media Mirror: what's in today's Russian newspapers?

Thursday's papers focus on two main topics: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's hundred minutes with the media, where he briefed journalists on Russia’s foreign policy. And, Russia as an “Island of Stability” in the ocean of world financial crise

ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA writes that the atmosphere at the media briefing was different from such events in the past, when guests competed to ask the most scandalous question possible. This time the overall mood was one of deep respect to the Minister. His image has also changed: the paper says Sergey Lavrov shared a few jokes with the audience as if he were showing them his confidence: he was ready for any question, he also had a diplomatic answer to every possible question. The paper notes that for those at the briefing there was no doubt that Russia has finally resumed its seat at the elite club of states able to influence any situation in any part of the World.

VREMYA NOVOSTEI quotes the Foreign Ministry official representative, Mikhail Kamynin: “The targeting of the questions confirmed that Russia these days is present in every significant world process”.

NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA says that Russia’s foreign policy is totally independent from ideology. In the multi-polar, multi-centre world political set-up, continues the paper, Russia’s efforts are concentrated on the pursuit of its national interest and maintaining good and friendly relations with all nations who would wish to be its friends.

Now to Davos: ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA quotes the Russian Minister of Finance Aleksey Kudrin saying Russia remains an island of stability in the unfolding world financial crisis.

NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA says Kudrin promised that Russia will participate in the efforts to maintain a higher growth rate in the world economy. The paper also notes that for Aleksey Kudrin, who wasn’t even included in the Russian delegation that went to Davos last year, going there as the head of the delegation this time means a significant political gain, as well as a possibility of staying in government during the next Presidency.

MOSKOVSKIY KOMSOMOLETS writes, not everyone in the Russian delegation agrees that Russia can weather the storm on the “island of stability”. Former Prime Minister, now Director of the Institute of Transitional Economy, Egor Gaidar says, the Russian government is copying the moves and steps of the U.S. in the financial sector –  the very means that led to the current crisis in the first place.