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11 Sep, 2007 02:25

The Media Mirror – Today's Russian press review

President Putin’s visit to the UAE has received extensive coverage in the Russian press. The papers have also dedicated a series of articles to the sad anniversary of 9/11 and an analysis of the Bush administration's foreign policy.

There was the usual parade of headlines on the front pages: all the papers write about the Presidential visit to the United Arab Emirates. “They built a Kremlin for Putin”, “Putin came to the UAE to see the treasures of the Kremlin,” “United Kremlin Emirates,” and so on and so forth.

ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA daily writes that it must have been nostalgia that brought Vladimir Putin and his entourage to the exhibition “Treasures of the Kremlin”. It was organised by the Office of the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin. The exhibition was not directly connected with the President’s visit.

The paper says the UAE is known as a key military ally of the U.S. in the region. However, the emirates are also a significant trading partner for Russia. The oil-rich country even buys weapons from Moscow. It is a significant investor and creditor in post-Soviet regions too, working in Georgia and Belarus, as well as in Russia.

On September 11 America remembers those who died in the biggest terrorist attack in history, writes NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA daily. The paper describes the schedule of events to be held in New York and across the U.S. on the date of the sad anniversary.

It also publishes an opinion piece by political analyst Artur Blinov. He says the main result of the Bush administration’s war on terror in the past six years has been the absence of major terrorist attacks in the U.S. However, the author notes the war on terror has turned out to have a lot of negative consequences, such as certain elements of totalitarian control introduced by the administration and the war in Iraq that has only made matters worse. 

America has lost the war with Bin Laden, reads a headline in IZVESTIA daily. An Egyptian counter-terrorism expert, Dia Rashvan, says that the reason for this is Washington’s aggressive foreign policy, as well as its hasty moves and decisions and the overall lack of understanding of Arab culture.

MOSKOVSKY KOMSOMOLETS daily describes the two lakes on the site of the tragedy. The paper says the water in the lakes symbolises the tears shed over the 2,750 lives lost there. The spirit of 9/11 has been devalued by the stumbling of the current U.S. administration says the article. It is necessary to bring back its original meaning: the tragedy must not happen again. Terrorism must be fought and stopped.