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6 Sep, 2007 02:31

The Media Mirror – Today's Russian press review

The Russian President’s voyage to Indonesia alongside his stopover in Kamchatka are in the focus of the Russian press.

IZVESTIA writes about Vladimir Putin’s stopover in Kamchatka on the way to Indonesia. The Head of State visited the submarine base in Vilyuchinsk. The base is one of the most important Russian naval installations in the Pacific. In Soviet times it was called Kamchatka-50. The base was in a severe state of disrepair in 2004, the paper writes.

The President ordered the renovation of the base three years ago. Today it is once again a fully operational facility. The paper says the President was manifestly glad to see the accomplishments of the Navy. But he expressed serious dissatisfaction with the progress of work delegated to civilian authorities.

Of the President’s visit to Indonesia, the first such visit of a Russian Head of State in History, NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA writes:

“The two sides plan to widen the range of co-operation in many spheres. That will include: energy, space research, geological surveys and joint exploitation of oil reserves, armaments and military equipment and tourism”.

It is expected, writes the paper, that Indonesia will receive a $US 1 BLN loan from Russia. It will be used for the purchase of Russian weaponry. The paper says, negotiations have been underway for a deal on three SU-30 and another three SU-27 fighter-bombers. Apart from that, Indonesia intends to buy the naval version of the BMP-3 armoured personnel carrier, MI-17 helicopters, and a submarine.

VEDOMOSTI says, civilian contracts to be signed during the visit will by far outdo the military. The President sets the trade turnover target at $US 1 BLN compared to the current $US 600 MLN. Russian businessmen accompanying him on the visit are planning to invest a combined figure of $US 5 BLN to $US 6 BLN in oil exploration, telecommunications, and aluminium production. The paper quotes Russian academics saying that President Putin has been very active and successful in the past few years in promoting Russia’s business interests by foreign policy means.

ROSSYISKAYA GAZETA has an article written by President Putin himself. It was also published by the Indonesian and world press. The President writes:

“We are ready to start a new page in our relations with Indonesia. I think that there is a solid foundation for this, as well as time-tested experience and substantial pre-requisites to build upon”.