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5 Sep, 2007 03:39

The Media Mirror – Today's Russian press review

The presidential visit to the East makes the headlines of Russia's Wednesday newspapers.This is Vladimir Putin’s longest foreign trip ever. Some papers also find space to write about Boris Berezovsky's connections to the organisers of the Ukranian Orange

President Vladimir Putin has departed on his longest foreign trip ever, writes MOSKOVSKI KOMSOMOLETS. The paper called it a Presidential mega voyage of the Eastern hemisphere. The President is visiting Indonesia first. From there he leaves for Sydney, Australia, to take part in APEC events. He will also pay an official visit. The last stop of the trip is going to be in the United Arab Emirates.

KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA adds to this: the first stop will not be Jakarta but Kamchatka. On the schedule: a visit to the Viliuchinsk Naval Base. The Navy has approached the President with a plan: they want to modernize and re-organize one of the oldest and most important Naval bases in the Pacific. For the whole trip, the Presidential aircraft is going to cover over 50 thousand kilometres. That’s longer than the length of the equator. Probably it is also the longest trip ever performed by an incumbent President of any country in one go.

“What awaits Putin in Sydney?” asks NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA. And answers: “The Russian Opposition.” Prior to the APEC Summit of Economic Leaders, a group of Russian opposition figures held “The Sydney Summit on Russia”. The paper says it was an attempt to put some pressure on the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.

The organisers of the meeting were trying to discourage the Australian government from selling uranium to Russia. They say Russia will use it for weapons production. The Australian opposition was also present at the meeting. The paper says, representatives of the Party of Australian Democrats voiced similar concerns about the deal.

Meanwhile, Russia insists that the uranium from Australia is earmarked for the facility in Angarsk. It is internationally certified for production of nuclear fuel for power stations and has nothing to do with weaponry.

The paper says the Australian government has already announced that it is going to sign the deal.                                                                                   

Organisers of the Ukranian Orange revolution are going to be birched with a rod, writes MOSKOVSKI KOMSOMOLETS. “Birch” is the meaning in Russian of the surname of Boris Berezovsky. The exiled oligarch is suing two Orange revolution organisers for some $US 46 MLN he spent on the event.