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31 Aug, 2007 02:37

The Media Mirror – Today's Russian press review

Progress in the investigation of Anna Politkovskaya's murder is in the spotlight of Russian press.

Thursday’s editorial of Novaya Gazeta has raised doubts about progress in the most prominent current investigation, the murder of Anna Politkovskaya.
Rossiyskaya Gazeta gives a chronological account of the investigation. The paper claims no information was released in ten months. Then, in August 2007, the Prosecutor General announced ten arrests in connection with the case. He also reported to the President on the alleged mastermind of the killing. He said the person lives abroad and intends to destabilise the political situation in Russia.
“Quite a hint,” exclaims the newspaper. The Prosecutor could have added that the guy’s name starts with a B. And that he lives in a city beginning with an L.
A leak from law enforcement agencies, the paper continues, caused the names of the arrested suspects to appear on the Internet.
Two of the suspects were released on Thursday.
Kommersant writes that its sources in the Prosecutor General’s office say that the hurried announcement, as well as the leak, was caused by the competition between the old establishment and the new Investigation Committee.
The Prosecutor General, the paper adds, tried to demonstrate that his office is capable of achieving results and doesn’t need reforming. The Investigation Committee which is independent from the old Prosecution in every aspect but name is due to start work on September 6.
By releasing the information prematurely, says the article, the Prosecutor General  has endangered the investigation. The paper also insists that the case started falling apart on the day following the announcement.
In an article headlined “Countdown has started”, Vremya Novostei says that since the leak of the names the investigation has entered a phase of degradation. Now the number of suspects is going to diminish. However the paper also quotes an unnamed Prosecution officer who says “we released them, we can arrest them again.”
Komsomolskaya Pravda publishes an interview with the son of Anna Politkovskaya, Ilya, who claims he is in close contact with the investigation team. He also says he knows that the mastermind is a prominent political figure, and he is still at large. Ilya Politkovsky adds the actual killer is at large as well.
Trud also writes about shocking unexpected events in the Politkovskaya case. The paper says the Detective Bureau of the Moscow police force is going berserk about the leak. The paper quotes the leading detective on the case: “The investigation is on the right track. It won’t stop, whatever damage the leaks cause.”