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24 Aug, 2007 04:59

The Media Mirror – Today's Russian press review

In the spotlight of Russian press today are: Russian-Armenian relations, yet another plane scandal between Russia and Georgia, the possible discovery of the remains of the son of the last Russian Emperor, and the 100th anniversary of the “Entente C

Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports on the meeting of President Putin and his Armenian colleague Robert Kocharian in Sochi.

The chosen capital of the 2014 winter Olympic Games is also the favorite resort of the Russian President. Vladimir Putin spends most of his holidays there.

This meeting proved special: in a few days both nations will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Treaty of Amity and Co-operation. Both Presidents consider the relations between the two countries to be developing successfully. The paper quotes the Russian President as saying:

“In the past ten years Russia and Armenia have become true allies.”

Vremya Novostei writes about aircraft of unknown origin that violated the Georgian border near Gori, on the 21st of August. The Georgian side blamed Russia, and applied for help to the NATO. Now the Georgians announce the creation of a joint system of airspace monitoring with  NATO. NATO, on the other hand, says that there’s no such system yet, only consultations have taken place so far. The newspaper calls the wishful thinking of the Georgian side “Hallucination.”

Izvestia reports an important archaeological find. It seems that the remains of the son and heir of the last Russian Emperor have been finally discovered.

In the 1930s, the chief executioner of the Imperial family, Yurovsky, gave a hint that two of the victims had been buried separately. He meant Grand Duke Alexey, heir to the Russian throne, and one of his elder sisters. He was 12 at that time, and his sister Maria, 18.

Few believed Yurovsky’s words until August 29th, 2007 when the find was made by researchers. They followed his written instruction to the burial place. Now it’s up to forensic experts to prove which remains are authentic: these, or those found earlier.

Vedomosti commemorates the Entente Cordiale, or the Cordial Alliance of Britain, France and Russia, formed in its final shape in August 1907, a 100 years ago. It existed throughout WWI and ended during the Russian Civil war. The paper reminds that in the XXth Century alone Russia and Britain were allies in major wars twice. Neither lost vitality and international respect even after the collapse of their empires. The publication says, all this leaves no space for quarrels between us over such things as the Litvinenko affair or Berezovsky’s rhetoric.