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25 Jul, 2007 05:34

The Media Mirror - 25.07.07. What's in today's Russian newspapers?

The Russian press looks at the Kosovo issue, discusses the future of U.S. foreign policy, and the daily food allowance in the Russian Armed Forces.

VREMYA NOVOSTEI writes, while leading experts from Russia, the U.S., UK, Germany and France seek a solution for Kosovo, Belgrade confirms that in its book Kosovo remains an integral part of Serbia. It seems, says the paper, that a stalemate akin to that between China and Taiwan is looming over the Balkans.

NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA looks into the future of U.S. foreign policy together with Zbigniew Brzezinski, who has published another book, this time a prophecy and a warning to his country’s government: America has a second chance at the role of world leader, but there will not be a third. Brzezinski writes that the U.S., during the terms of Clinton and Bush has thrown away its first chance of becoming the world leader: if in the early 1990s America was respected and even some of the Arab countries joined the coalition to drive Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, “Fifteen years later the U.S. finds itself looked upon as an enemy by many and a  bad example by even more.”

History is about to give the country a second chance, says the former National Security Advisor, and the next U.S. Administration must be ready to exploit it.

“Foreign policy has to be changed drastically, sharply and cardinally,” he adds.

The recipe to success, he thinks, is in acquiring an ability to identify American ideals with the universal strive for human dignity.

And one other thing – the nation can only take the lead in those world affairs where it is ready to bear the responsibility.

Armies march on their stomachs, and the Russian army is no exception, writes IZVESTA. The Russian Armed Forces are improving the rations, the daily food allowance is going up by 25 %, more meat, fruit and vegetables are being added while fats are reduced. That is a big issue for the young as poor diet is one of the reasons they dodge conscription.

The same newspaper tells a story how a well known Russian comedy actor, Stanislav Sadalsky, whose most famous part was that of a pick-pocket, was robbed clean by a real artist among thieves in Sevastopol, Ukraine. The thief met Sadalsky at the train station posing as a representative from the local theatre and even drove him there. He entered as if he were escorting the famous comic and everyone thought him to be the comic’s assistant. During the performance he took all the money from Sadalsky’s wallet and left quietly.