‘Terrorist attack’ to be thwarted by joint forces

Joint anti-terror exercises have begun in Tajikistan among a group of countries including Russia and China. The scenario will see joint forces try to thwart an attack by a large group of terrorists.

The exercises are part of a drill by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, made up of five countries in total. It was founded eight years ago to counteract terrorism and separatism.

Officials from other countries – including Iran, India, and Pakistan – are watching the exercises.

The drill is taking place in the Fakhrabad training site in the Tajik mountains. It is located near the town of Nurek 100 kilometers south of the country’s capital Dushanbe.

“Heavy armored vehicles, helicopters and attack aircraft will be involved in the exercise,” the Tajikistan Defense Ministry informed. The exercise is aimed at coordinating and practicing interoperability of the SCO members’ armed forces in repelling international terrorist attacks and increasing their combat skills and professionalism.