Terrorist attack at Russian Consulate in Iran foiled

Iran's security forces claim they've foiled a bomb plot aimed at the Russian Consulate building in the city of Rasht. They say they’ve arrested a group who were allegedly planning to blow up the building.

According to the statement made by the country's Security Minister, the suspected terrorist network is connected to the U.S. and was aiming to divide Iran and its neighbours, as the RIA-Novosti news agency correspondent in Tehran reports.

The minister did not release any further details.

According to the minister, the network is linked to a blast in a mosque in the city of Shiraz in April. That explosion killed 14 and injured more than 200 people.

The group was allegedly planning a series of terrorist attacks in religious centres, thus aiming to incite religious hatred.

Officials at the Russian Embassy in Tehran have confirmed that employees of the Consulate are safe, but have not released any further details.