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16 Oct, 2007 01:13

Teenager puts out contract for parents’ murder

A teenager in Moldova has put a contract out for his parents to be killed for 6,000 Euros. He was about to pay four thousand euros to have his father killed, as well as two thousand euros for killing his mother.

The 15-year old schoolboy making a deal with a contract killer, was recorded on the police video. The ‘killer’ was in fact an undercover police officer.

It was a horrible deal that shocked everybody in the police department, even those who were well hardened to the most violent crimes. 

When the police found out about the plot to the kill the boy's father, a businessman from Chisinau, Moldova’s capital, they acted promptly. The father agreed to pose for photos showing him as dead. Little did he know that the photos would be used to catch his only son.

Valentin Zubik, Moldova Home Secretary Deputy, revealed the shocking fact –the boy’s main motive was financial gain.

“The pocket money he got from his parents, was about $US 200 to $US 300 per week – and that was not enough for the guy. The second order on his mother's murder came soon after. The teenager was to pay it using money he got from selling the father's minibus,” Mr Zubik said. 

While the murder was prevented, the parents are still in shock.

If convicted, the young plotter could face up ten years in prison.