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22 Sep, 2010 21:03

Tea Party’s UN-ited opposition

The problems in the US are mounting and more and more Americans want less global influence and more domestic action.

An expected 139 heads of State and Government are in New York City for the 65the Session of the United Nations General Assembly. According to UN GA President Joseph Deiss, "The problems facing the international community are enormous and require a global solution."

We need to get our tales out of the United Nations! It has served its purpose. You got Canada, United States, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The rest of the countries don’t give a hoot about the United States,” said one Tea Party protestor in reference to the international institution.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks otherwise. In a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations she said, “The UN remains the single most important global institution. We are constantly reminded of its value.”

While some say that the UN has too much influence on the United States, others contend it’s just the opposite.

The idea that the United Nations is an independent center in the world I think is based on a misconception. The United States dominates the United Nations in an extreme form,” said journalist and author Webster Tarpley.

The ongoing argument is not just against the United Nations. Many Americans take issue with the role of the IMF and the World Bank in shaping US policy as well.

Some politicians, like Republican Congressman Ron Paul, even go so far as to say that, “I don’t even think we belong in NATO. If they need a pack of countries in Europe they should do it, but not with our help…I think we should leave Europe.”

His son, Republican candidate for US Senate from Kentucky, Dr. Rand Paul, shares that opinion. In an interview in May 2010 he told RT, “I don’t want the UN to be fighting wars in the sense that I don’t like the idea of having armies under United Nations control. I think armies should be under the control of various nations.

As the UN GA gets underway, a growing number of Americans don’t necessarily want to be united with the rest of the world.

Radio host Alex Jones said the Tea Party view on the UN is spot on and that the true control of the UN lies in the Security Council. He argued that the UN General Assembly is simply a market place for the Security Council to go through and buy-off other member nations.

He also argued that US President Barack Obama is committing treason by leading Security Council.

The aims of the real UN are the opposite of what it publicly states; helping the poor,” said Jones.

He argued that the UN is run by bankers and financial interest who want the western world to progress while hindering the developing world in order to maintain their dependence on the system.

Jones’s said the organization is both “wicked” and “evil”.

US tax payers are used to fund this global engine of tyranny and the UN is its political velvet glove on the iron fist, but inside the iron fist in the US military, NATO alliance, the I4 system,” said Jones.

He later added, “This is a green, Nazi, world government, eugenics movement wrapped in a humanitarian package. It is pure evil.”