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26 Feb, 2010 12:23

Tanks for the memory

A bunch of abandoned tanks, bewildering local residents for a few weeks, has finally left its parking places in the Ural forest.

After the story was picked up by the media, it took the military just two days to remove 200 T-80 tanks which were found near the railroad in the Russian Urals and send them to the nearby military base, where they belong.

Incredibly, the monsters had been unattended since November, and the alarm was only raised when local children started playing in them.

Locals say the tanks were brought there by a special train, unloaded and left unguarded since last
The hatches were not locked and anyone can get inside. All the equipment aboard looks operational, except there is no ammunition.

Russian military officials denied the tanks were left unguarded.

The spokesperson for Urals' Military Command of the Russian Army, Dmitry Burdakov, said that the vehicles had not been forgotten and were stationed where they were on purpose while being relocated. He claimed that the cold during transport was so bitter, that it stopped the convoy – which is now back at base – in its tracks.