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15 Feb, 2012 07:57

Short sighted West eyes Syria on the brink

The situation in Syria is on a knife-edge, with reports of militants arriving in the country there are fears of an escalation in the conflict. Yet, the UN and West’s condemnation of Government crackdowns lays the blame at the feet of President Assad.

The UN Human Rights commission report describes them as a crime against humanity. The General Assembly has arrived at a draft resolution that condemns Assad’s regime and demands the withdrawal of government troops from civilian areas, but makes no demands on opposition forces. This resolution could be put to vote as early as Thursday and although not binding it carries strong influence on the international stage.The Syria refutes the report saying it is based on media sources hostile to Syria and accuses the UN Human Right Commission of being subjugated by the western powers who are interested in regime change.Reports of militants and weapons moving into Syria from neighbouring countries have given rise to fears sectarian tension is building in the country and could trigger a civil war.This swift escalation of the conflict indicates that the West has turned a blind eye to hostile forces accumulating in the country whilst fixating its energy on discrediting Assad’s regime.The Syrian government and its supporters have voiced their criticism over the West’s black and white treatment of the conflict and its refusal to acknowledge violence committed by opposition forces.“Many western powers are interested in fermenting unrest in Syria and so they’ll turn a blind eye to extreme amounts of weapons coming into Syria from abroad to create these militant – I wouldn’t call them terrorists – but extremely dangerous armed groups that are determined to create war and not peace in Syria.” Sara Marusek, researcher from Syracruse University told RT.Find out more in the above video where RT correspondent Maria Finoshina's reports on the conflict that is not quite as one-sided as western media would have it.