Swede stocking stockings sent home to Stockholm

A Swedish diplomat has been accused of abusing his position by smuggling tights!

Andres Martin Forss of the Swedish Embassy has had to leave Russia urgently after being involved in a scandal over his Russian business, NTV TV channel reported.

The first secretary of the trade department was allegedly caught selling cheap tights and stockings from Belarus.

Every week the diplomat went to the neighboring country, bought boxes of women’s tights and stockings and then sold them to Moscow shops. Due to his diplomatic immunity, Foss could bring the goods over the border easily and did not pay customs duties.

“As this person has diplomatic immunity, we could not detain him and passed on all the documents to the Russian Foreign Ministry,” Aleksey Gnatyuk of Economic Crime Fight Department told NTV.

Andres Martin Forss, 35, began working in Russia in 2007. Before that, he had served in Latvia and Lithuania.

As yet there has been no official response from Sweden.