Moscow melts under African heat

Moscow is in the grip of an unusually long heat wave with current summer temperatures well into the thirties and no let-up during the weekend; winds are weak and there is no rain in sight.

Muscovites can barely cope with the scorching sunshine that reaches 34ºC. The temperature is equal to that in Egypt’s Sharm-El-Sheikh or Hurgada – the only difference being that there’s no sea in Moscow.

Residents have been advised to stay away from direct sunlight and restrain from physical activity.

The last time such a high temperature was registered was on July 17, 1951 when the air warmed up to 33.7ºC – but obviously this record has already been beaten.

However, Muscovites think that the burning heat is just another reason to get creative and have fun.

During a flashmob that took place at the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow on Saturday people sprayed water at each other from water pistols, bottles and even buckets. The RT presenter has also been affected.