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26 Feb, 2010 11:05

Strategic missiles on Moscow’s roads

Late last night, three 16-wheel transporters with Russia’s latest and most advanced intercontinental strategic ballistic missile launcher, Topol-M, were spotted on the Moscow Ring Road.

This was not part of any military maneuvers. The Topol-Ms, usually armed with six warheads and decoys, were on their way to a military base outside the city and will, for the first time ever, take part in the Victory Day Parade on Red Square on 9th May. The two previous years, it was the predecessor missile system that took part in the parade.

The launchers drove 400 kilometers from their regimental home station missile group in Ivanovskaya region to Moscow in one day, accompanied by a traffic police escort.

Topol-M has been in service since 1997, and is said to be designed to avoid the most advanced missile defense systems.

It is expected that the parade on May 9, 2010 will also be the largest in terms of military aircraft participating. 165 planes and helicopters will fly over Red Square, 21 of them forming the number “65”, as this year the world will be celebrating the 65th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany and its allies.

RT will make its traditional LIVE report from Red Square on that day, but if you want to see the event with your own eyes, visit Moscow in person in early May.