Stevie G may pay dearly for bar room brawl

Stevie G may pay dearly for bar room brawl
Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was said to have “totally lost it and punched with the style and speed of a boxer” in a row in a nightclub last December.

Those were the remarks made during a court case with the England international at the center of attention.

In December 2008, while celebrating Liverpool’s 5-1 Premier League win over Newcastle United at a bar, 29-year-old Gerrard reportedly lashed out at Marcus McGee in a fight over music.

Gerrard is claiming self defence with affray. McGee, however, states he wasn’t acting aggressively before facing a “barrage of punches” from the England midfielder. He said after watching CCTV footage that it was obvious Gerrard hit him “a couple of times, maybe three.”

Gerrard could face up to three years behind bars for the offense.