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28 Jul, 2010 19:35

Another Russian spy story grips US

It seems the US can not go without a hot spy story this summer. After Anna Chapman was banished to Moscow earlier this month, another Anna has entered the stage.

This time, however, the twenty-something year old is more of a smuggler than a spy.

Anna Fermanova was arrested in New York for trying to smuggle several state-of-the-art night gunfight devices into Russia. Fermanova says she purchased them online for her husband and his friends, who happen to be fans of hunting.

In light of this season's spy hype, every Russian woman in the US seems to exude mystery. Young, maybe a schoolteacher, maybe a reporter – it doesn't matter what you do. But the allure of a Russian spy is still there, and the women are the most intriguing.

Movie critics say the arrest of ten Russian agents in the US this summer was the best ad campaign possible for the latest movie starring Angelina Jolie.

A Russian spy story, “Salt” might have come across as a little outdated, but after the arrests it appears fresh and new. The FBI could not have made a greater gift to the film. Also benefiting from the recent sсandal is "Knight and Day" – another spy story, starring Tom Cruise.

Anna Fermanova's profile on a social networking site shows her as being online. Yet she is not responding to media questions.

As soon as American police put the alleged esthetician/English teacher under house arrest, her web page was bombarded by visits.

Fermanova does not come across as high-end as Chapman, who had lived in Manhattan and hung out with millionaires. But this Anna has also earned her own spotlight with the media.