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27 Aug, 2007 06:27

"Spirit of India Everywhere" at festival in Moscow

The Indian festival in Moscow brings together various artists and performers, music concerts, traditional folk dance shows from the different states of India, and an exhibition of the oriental lifestyle.

There's an exhibition of interior decor and nearly 30 designers are taking part. The concept was inspired by maharajahs’ palaces which were adapted to suit modern lifestyles.

It's not like a museum where you can just see something. You can touch everything there, and take part in all that's going on, like getting a backrub, foot massage or a head massage and even participation in meditation.

And if you're in the mood, the tea ceremony and all kinds of tastes are on offer. The spirit of India is everywhere.
“India is more for me than just a country where I do my business, or tourism. I think it's something more like karma and uniting, maybe something from my past life. Maybe I was a maharajah there,” said Yury Aistov, exhibition organiser.