'Spiderman's' Moscow city climb to begin at 4 PM

French urban climber Alain Robert, also known as Spiderman, is in Russia preparing to tackle Europe's tallest building. He plans to scale the western tower of the Moscow City Business Complex on Sunday using just his bare hands and climbing shoes.

The French ‘spiderman’ has talked to Russia Today about his upcoming attempt to scale the western tower of Moecow City just about 45 minutes before he is due to begin.

In an earlier interview with Russia Today on Saturday, Alain Robert said he felt confident and the only thing worrying him about this latest challenge was the weather.

Alain Robert has tackled at least 70 giant structures around the world, including the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, using no safety ropes – much to the excitement of crowds of people.

Much to the annoyance of various police forces, Spiderman has often attempted his feats without permission from the authorities and has been arrested around 100 times while tackling urban peaks.
Today all the paperwork's in place, but that won't make the task any easier: Europe's highest skyscraper is more than 260 metres tall and has a facade of glass that is absolutely seamless.