Spanish flamenco singer performs in Moscow

The legendary Spanish flamenco singer Diego el Cigala has performed his Latin, Grammy Award-winning album 'Lagrimas negras', or 'Black Tears', at Moscow's International House of Music.

El Cigala dedicated his latest album to Pablo Picasso whom he calls 'the most flamenco of all the painters of the past century'.

The album combines different styles of ethnic music.

“The concert includes two parts, the Gypsy one and the African one. And it is all spiced up by the flamenco rhythms,” explained Diego el Cigala, musician.

With his harsh voice and fiery temperament, Diego el Cigala started singing in the street.

At the age of 12 he won the first prize in Spain's Young Flamenco Artist Contest which was the start of his journey to become a symbol of flamenco music, known across the globe.

El Cigala says he wants to innovate in the flamenco style.

In search of the novelties he blends the traditional music of Spain with Cuban bolero and Gypsy tunes, presenting his own, modern fusion, which he calls 'fresh flamenco'.