“One glass of water enough to get completely clean” – space-blogger

Star City near Moscow has given two members of the International Space Station crew a happy homecoming.

The Russian cosmonaut and American astronaut returned to Earth last week, but only arrived back at their training center today.

Maksim Suraev shared his reflections of his trip with the world from orbit in a digital diary.

Find his accounts of life in orbit here

Upon his return he shared a few of his space stories with RT.

"The three most frequently asked questions that came from my readers were similar to those that people usually ask me: what do we eat, how we go about sanitation and hygiene, and what we do in our free time. Well for sanitation and hygiene we use wet tissues and very little water. The technique is very different from the one we see on Earth. One glass of water is enough to get completely clean," Suraev said. "The mission had three equally fascinating moments: the take off from Baikonur and the sensation of weightlessness, the walk in open space and the descent on landing.”