Soyuz spacecraft docks with ISS

The Soyuz spacecraft, manned by a Korean and two Russian cosmonauts, has docked with International Space Station. The new ISS crew is one of the youngest ever, and none of its members have travelled to space before.

It is the 17th manned mission to the orbiting research facility.

There will be a changeover between the previous expedition that was stationed on the ISS and the new one. The crew of the Soyuz has entered the ISS and in ten days the old team, which has been there for several months, will be able to go on their module and go back to Earth.

The personalities of the new crew are no less remarkable than the scientific objectives put in front of it.

South Korea’s first person in space, Yi So-yeon, is 29, Flight Commander Sergey Volkov is 35, and Flight Engineer Oleg Kononenko is 47.