South Ossetia prepares a low blow for Saakashvili

South Ossetian authorities are planning to put Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili on an international wanted list. The South Ossetian Prosecutor General's Office will complete all necessary procedures next week.

“The South Ossetian Prosecutor General's Office is drawing up charges against Saakashvili, who will be declared wanted internationally soon,” South Ossetia's Prosecutor General Taimuraz Khugayev told Interfax on Monday.

“This may be done next week,” he added.

“A warrant for entering the Georgian president on an international wanted list will be handed to the corresponding agencies of the states, which have recognized South Ossetia's independence,” Khugayev said.

While the state prosecution is currently working on the charges against Saakashvili, several dozen protesters from South Ossetia have staged a rally outside the Swedish embassy in Moscow.

Sweden is currently chairing the Council of Europe.

The demonstrators were calling for the international community to recognize Georgia's aggression against the region.

They say the Moscow rally is part of a wider action being held in other European countries.