Sleuth replaced in Politkovskaya's murder case

The head of the group investigating the murder of the well-known journalist Anna Politkovskaya, has reportedly been changed.

That's according to a source at the Russian  Prosecutor General’s Office.

Also today Military Court has sanctioned the re-arrest of a lieutenant colonel in the Federal Security Service.

He's charged with extortion, kidnapping and misuse of power.

Pavel Ryaguzov is also a suspect in the murder of the journalist Anna Politkovskaya, but was released on Monday due to lack of evidence.

Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead in October last year. Last month,  eleven people were detained in connection with the murder, although two were later released.

The lawyers of the accused say they have no information about the change of the chief investigator at present.

While the Prosecutor General Office has not yet given any official reaction.