Skinhead gang jailed for 20 murders

A group of skinheads found guilty of 20 murders and 12 attempted murders have been sentenced at a Moscow court to between six and 20 years in prison. All seven were members of a racist gang.

The group, aged between 15 and 22, recorded their crimes on video and posted them on the internet.

Nine people were arrested in connection with the case last year; two were found not guilty.

According to the prosecution, the gang targeted people from the Caucasus and Asia. Most of the members were minors at the time of the attacks.

The two gang leaders – 17year-old Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevskiy – were earlier told by the court that they were undeserving of leniency.

“From my school years I have hated people from the Caucasus who come to Moscow, form ties and start to oppress Russians,” Ryno told the investigation in justification of his deeds.

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