Siege ends in Taj Mahal hotel

Indian special forces have killed the last three gunmen holding up the Taj Mahal hotel.

The hotel was one of 10 sites to be attacked by terrorists on Wednesday.

The death total has reached over 125 and over 300 people have been injured.

Indian commandos have been trying to sweep the two major hotels, the Taj and the Oberoi, in an effort to free hostages.

Police brought some hostages out of the Oberoi late Thursday night. However, the Indian state department said that at least four Australians and one Japanese national were killed. A German, Italian and Briton were also among the dead.

Foreign nationals from America, Britain, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Yemen, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, France, Israel and Singapore still remain in the hotel.

In the headquarters of the Jewish outreach group, a state official has said that eight hostages have been freed, but it still remains unclear who else might be in the building.

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