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31 Jul, 2009 11:11

Serial killer survives three fatal crashes

Serial killer survives three fatal crashes

The man definitely has the luck of the devil. A serial murder suspect has survived a recent car crash that killed 21 people, including children and his own mother.

Who is he – a cold blooded maniac or a victim of tragic circumstances?

It was a curious chain of events that resulted in the arrest of the man. On July 24, a collision between an oil tanker and a bus left 21 people dead. He was among several lucky ones who survived the deadly crash.

Investigating the accident, police in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don had to take fingerprints of the survivors. To their great surprise, the prints of one of the people matched those of a man suspected of the murder of a convenience store saleswoman on July 16: she was stabbed with a knife 21 times.

He was detained in hospital.

“The suspect is a 25-year-old man who had a previous conviction. The jobless citizen of the Krasnodar region was temporarily living in Rostov-on-Don. Currently the man is giving statements confessing to the murder, and also to an assault at a shoe store in July 2009,” a prosecutor’s office representative, Sergey Tkatchev, told 161.ru correspondent.

No further comments have been given so far, and the suspect’s name has not been released either.

Meanwhile, Komsomolskaya Pravda writes that the man’s mother was also in the “death bus”, and he rescued her from the vehicle after the accident. The woman died of injuries.

The unfortunate woman was the maniac’s only loved one. Perhaps, it was losing her that made him confess to his sins. Utterly devastated, he didn’t even resist arrest.

It seems the man has always been attracting death.

Several years ago, he – a happy school graduate – lost his fiancée in another car crash when their car collided with a truck. The girl and the car’s driver died whilst the might-have-been husband escaped with nothing more than a fright.

Apparently the tragedy badly affected the young man. He was told by doctors that he was suffering from nerves, and that alcohol should be completely excluded. But despite recommendations, he was drinking like a fish.

When serving as an officer in the Urals, the man, tempting fate one again, and his friends decided to go for a drive after boozing. The result: two of his comrades died and the man – who was driving the car – got his first criminal conviction.

Apparently not able to learn from his mistakes, the former officer continued his indulgent lifestyle after leaving the army. Occasional freelancing and never-ending partying was all he was interested in. Once severely beaten in the street whilst drunk, he decided to carry a knife with him for protection. That became yet another fatal mistake he made.

Either because he was intoxicated with alcohol and not able to control his nerves, or for some other reason, with that knife he stabbed the woman in the convenience store to death. Just four days later, he was again unable to control his temper and stabbed a saleswoman in a shoe shop. Luckily, she survived.

The deranged fellow is suspected of at least one other murder, a stabbing in a sex shop, but no one knows how many more people could have become victims of the 25-year-old if it wasn’t for another tragedy – the bus crash.

Komsomolskaya Pravda writes that after he was arrested, the alleged killer said that the crash happened when he – together with his mother – was on his way to police to confess to the crimes.

“God has punished me. Three accidents! And each time my loved ones were dying. And me – I’m alive…” he is quoted as saying.

In the next few days the man will be officially charged.

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