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26 Feb, 2008 20:04

Serbs protest against Kosovo... by playing football

While NATO is reinforcing the border between Kosovo and Serbia following yesterday's clashes, the Kosovo Serbs are turning to peaceful ways of protesting. Songs and sports are the only weapons protesters are using now.

Serbia says it will bring charges against the U.S. and other countries that have recognised Kosovo's independence at the international court in the Hague. Belgrade says the current or the next U.S. administration should withdraw support.

The announcement was made at a session of Serbia's national Security Council.

Generally, the nights there are quiet, but reports continue to come in about small clashes between Serbs and NATO forces.

However, following Tuesday’s clashes Kosovo’s Serbian minority has turned to a more peaceful form of protest.

Every morning, the UN police and NATO soldiers come to the border. Dressed in riot gear they keep guard.

But on the opposite side of the bridge all the Serbs want to do is play football. On this day they decide not to speak in front of the cameras but let off steam on the pitch.

There are two teams. In white – the Russians, Chinese, Serbs, Romanians and Greeks. In black – Albania, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France, with the referee – American.

The game is to mock what they claim is the illegal declaration of Kosovo’s independence. The two sides take on one another.

The first goal goes to Albania, the second to Serbia. And with the tension mounting, the Albanians decide to play foul.