Serb President rejects UN plan on Kosovo

Serb President rejects UN plan on Kosovo
The UN special envoy for Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, has presented his recommendations on the future status of the province to Serb President Boris Tadic. Mr Ahtisaari called the plan “a compromise”, but Mr Tadic rejected it.

Boris Tadic rejected a plan on the future status of Kosovo because he says it paves the way for the province's independence. He also said he would never accept Kosovo's independence, which is demanded by the region's Albanian majority.

The meeting between Martti Ahtisaari and Boris Tadic was behind closed doors with not many details revealed afterwards.

However, later, Mr Ahtisaari held a press-conference where he said that some kind of understanding between the sides had been reached. He added that he will be bringing his reports of this meeting to the UN Security Council. Anyway, Mr Ahtisaari admitted this was only the start of the process.

Meanwhile, in Pristina, Kosovo's Albanian leaders have said the plan “will end with independence”. Many Kosovans are hoping the report will grant them their long-awaited sovereignty.