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5 Jun, 2007 09:50

Seoul hosts sixth ACD meeting

Seoul hosts sixth ACD meeting

Foreign ministers from all over Asia have gathered in Seoul in South Korea for the Asia Cooperation Dialogue, ACD. The diplomats are aiming to create a friendly economic environment in the region.

Korean capital Seoul is hosting the sixth meeting of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue. Foreign ministers from 30 countries attended the opening ceremony. 

Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo has said the forum is important and is becoming synonymous to new opportunities. The idea is to create better economic environment that would improve living standards in Asian countries. 

For Russia the forum is equally important. Aleksandr Losyukov, the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister, says, “We are focusing our participation on activities related to emergency situations. We have experience in this field and it can be useful for other countries on this continent. We accumulated serious experience in the field of energy resources and are prepared to share this with other countries of Asia.” 

The ACD is the brainchild of Thailand. It was launched in 2002, becoming the first and only body covering the entire Asian continent. Russia joined in 2004 and is now offering its assistance and ideas.

“Russian scientists and Russian researchers are among the best in the world. And we can probably find ways to connect and co-operate with the Russian Federation and we look forward to it,” Thai Foreign Minister Nitya Pibulsonggram commented.

For centuries Asia trailed behind the West in economy and industry. Now it’s living through an economic boom – something to boast about. Korea offered its co-operation in high technologies. It was an important, but not the only subject of the forum.

Russia has used its presence to discuss other issues – like North Korea. 

“The problem is still the same: how to resolve the financial problem of transfer of accounts from Macau bank to North Korea. There are difficulties from the American side, because their legislation does not allow easy transfer of that money. We are trying to resolve the situation,” Mr Losyukov said.

Organisers urged the international community to support the six-party talks on North Korea nuclear disarmament. They say it is a major condition to the region’s continued economic development.