Seliger youth forum opens in Russia’s West

The Seliger youth forum has kicked off in western Russia as the next generation of the country's 'movers and shakers' come together to exchange ideas and present their vision of the future.

­The opening ceremony got a space twist when Russian cosmonauts from the International Space Station congratulated the participants at the beginning of the forum. 

Organizers of the annual camp say they are training the political and business 'go-getters' for years to come. The forum is organized by youth agency Rosmolodezh and the Nashi movement.

20,000 young people from Russia and more than 80 other countries have joined up to take part in the event and exchange ideas. They will put forward projects aimed at developing the business and political climate in Russia as well as healthcare.

The best ideas will get immediate funding and government support.

The forum will continue for a month in Russia’s Tver region.

The forum was first organized in 2005 when it was a closed event only for the members of the Nashi movement. Since 2009 the event is open to all young people.