Second-most wanted extremist killed in Dagestan

One of the men killed during a police operation in Dagestan has been identified as the number two figure in the country's Islamist militant movement.

Officials say Adam Guseynov, 32, joined the ranks of militants in 2003 and trained in a camp for suicide bombers. In 2004 he was put on the federal wanted list as a militant.

Guseynov was an organizer and a participant of terrorist activity in the region, including shop explosions in Khasavyurt, racketeering of local businesses and numerous attempts to murder Dagestani police officials, and even an attempt to kill the head of the Khasavyurt Region in September 2010.

Russian police exchanged fire with suspected militants after cornering them outside the city of Khasavyurt.

The gun battle came after the suspects, surrounded in a house, refused to surrender. Adam Guseynov was killed along with his live-in girlfriend, who also refused to surrender and was shooting at random.

Officials say the police operation may be linked to a bomb attack the previous day which killed four people and injured six at a cafe.