School's a real gas!

School's a real gas!
Sixty-nine children were taken to two hospitals in Novgorod after a teenage boy set off a teargas canister at school.

The 16-year-old released the gas in the school’s toilets, affecting the children when they went to use the facilities. Many complained of vertigo and nausea.

Forty-three children were taken to Novgorod regional children’s hospital, RIA Novosti reports.  Nineteen were sent home while 24 were treated for the symptoms of gas poisoning.

A further 26 youngsters aged between 12 and 16 were admitted to The Central City Hospital.  Of those, 19 were taken to hospital.  None of them are reported to be in a serious condition.

The official diagnosis for all children is the same – intoxication from a chemical substance.

If the boy’s aim was to disrupt school he succeeded, as classes were cancelled after the incident.

The question of his punishment is being discussed.