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“When I first saw Silvio, I had butterflies in my stomach” – Berlusconi’s Russian friend

Raisa Skorkina a Russian-born ex-model spoke to a tabloid about what exactly connects her to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is in the middle of a sex scandal over alleged paid sex with an underage dancer.
Skorkina, 29, came into the media spotlight after an alleged taped conversation with Berlusconi, where she complains about “running out of petrol” was leaked to the press. Italian newspapers believe it to be a code word for being short on money and asking for more.The prime minister is Raisa’s close friend, and practically a family member, she told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. However, the implied image of Berlusconi, the old playboy paying young women millions for sleeping with him is far from reality and just part of a smear campaign staged by political opponents, Skorkina says.According to Raisa, she entered the fashion business at the age of 13, after entering a school for teen models. She worked in Milan for three years and later switched to acting for TV commercials. She and Berlusconi first met in 2004 at a charity party in Sardinia.“When I saw Berlusconi, I had butterflies in my stomach,” she said. “Just look at his pictures from 2004. So handsome! With a white bandana on his head! I simply dropped dead when I saw him”.She didn’t know he was a governmental figure of high importance, although the company was from high society.“We came to his table and there were respectable people, billionaires. I knew nothing about politics then. And Silvio behaved very simple. My beau later told me Silvio was the Italian Prime Minister. My legs were shaking, I was shocked.”Apparently, the prime minister impressed her overwhelmingly. In 2005, Skorkina divorced her husband. She didn’t say it was because of an affair with Berlusconi, but she added:“My heart is free now. But I don’t date anyone – because of Silvio. Write it this way. He knows, he’ll be pleased to read it.”When asked directly about Berlusconi’s skill as a lover Skorkina refrained from comments:“Please understand me the right way, too many people know too much about my private life. I want to leave something for myself.  We are just good friends now, we don’t have sex.”Berlusconi has been a generous and caring friend, the girl said:“Don’t think he helps me out only with money, he helps me out with everything! Silvio is my second family. A guardian angel – that’s what Silivio calls himself. If I have a problem and nobody to talk to about it, I can always turn to Silvio for advice.”Generosity is a prime character trait for Berlusconi, his friend said:“He’s a kind man, he helps everyone. And he knows many women, it’s not surprising. If a girl turns to him and says she has problems, he just melts like a snowball. Simply melts. It’s not only about girls; he helps men too, with business. I don’t have enough words to say how generous he is.”Whatever material benefit Skorkina gained was just a sign of respect from a wealthy man, she explained.“He’s my friend. Friends give presents. Is it my fault that I have such a friend?”Raisa revealed her secret path to winning the prime minister’s affection:“It’s just that I am a kind and decent person. I guess many people now believe I’m some evil cold-hearted woman. Well I am tender and kind – that’s why Silvio respects me… Girls only need money nowadays, and I never asked for anything.”