Saddam Hussein's death sentence provokes a range of reactions worldwide

There has been a mixed reaction in the world to the verdict in Saddam’s trial. Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov was reserved and said it was an internal affair for Iraq and warned against politicizing the matter.

While U.S. President George Bush called the verdict “an important milestone towards building a free society in Iraq.”

The Spanish Prime Minister said Hussein must answer for his actions like any other person but that the EU does not support the death penalty. The UN's human rights chief Louise Arbour called for a fair appeals process and warned against executing Saddam even if the sentence is upheld.

Palestinian movement Hamas said there was a “miserable Arab silence” following the verdict, as dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank gathered to show their support for Saddam Hussein. And Iran hailed the death sentence and said it hoped Saddam would still be tried for other crimes.