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27 Apr, 2009 13:42

Russians on British Rich List

Russians on British Rich List

Six Russians got into the list of the thousand richest residents of the British Isles, including the owner of the Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich, and his wife, the Sunday Times reports.

The richest Russian, and the second richest resident of the UK, the ex-governor of Chukotka, Roman Abramovich secured his place with £7,000 million (approximately $10,200 million US). Still, during the last year he lost 40 per cent of his fortune.

The following Russian on the list is the businessman and patron of art, Alisher Usmanov. As a result of long-termed operations with metallurgical companies and Arsenal football club, he lost a major part of his fortune. From fifth place on 2008’s list, Usmanov has now only managed to make it to the 18th spot, having dropped 74 per cent of his wealth and now taking 3rd place on the list of the 25 biggest fallers in 2009. According to the newspaper, Usmanov’s fortune is now estimated at £1,500 million (approximately $ 2,185 million US).

Next comes the ex-owner of Russneft oil company, Mikhail Gutseriev who was placed on the international wanted list on suspicion of tax evasion. He occupies 32nd place in the Sunday Times 2009 rich list, with his wealth estimated at £1,200 million pounds. He lost some £ 815 million (approximately $1,200 million US) in 2008.

The founder of Pamplona Capital Management, helping Russian companies to invest in foreign concerns, the Russian financier Aleksander Knaster occupies 88th place on the list with £500 million (approximately $730 million US).

Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who has been hiding from Russian law in Great Britain for almost eight years already (for accusations launched in Russia including fraud, embezzlement, and preparing a violent overthrow of Putin’s government), has also lost a sizeable part of his fortune with the financial slump. However, he remains on the rich list, taking 114th place. Now it is estimated at £450 million (approximately $655 million US) against £667 million (approximately $971 million US) last year.

Roman Abramovich’s ex-wife Irina has received her own line in the rich list. She received a significant part of the businessman’s property at the divorce. Now Irina occupies 406th place with £130 million (about $190 million US), having dropped some £25 million (about $36 million US) in one year.

The total size of the UK’s richest inhabitants is now more than £258 billion ($376 billion), having decreased by £155 billion ($226 billion US) during the last year.

The Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth the Second, has also suffered from the crisis. The Queen’s fortune now totals £270 million ($394 million US), which is 16 per cent less than one year ago. She occupies 214th place in the Sunday Times 2009 rich list.

However, the last year was not marked with losses for all British rich men. For example, the former head of Morrisons supermarket chain, sir Ken Morrison, has increased his fortune by 11 per cent up to £1,6 billion ($2,332 billion US).

The known Egyptian businessman, the owner of Harrods, Mohamed Al-Fayed, has grown rich due to the falling exchange rates of the British pound. His fortune has increased by 17 per cent, now totalling £650 million (almost $948 million US).