Russians arrive in Guatemala for Olympics vote

The finishing line is in sight for the contenders hoping to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. The Russian delegation has arrived in Guatemala where the big announcement will be made.

While it might be too soon to tell which city will win, the Sochi team believe they've done enough to deserve it. They've spent two years of hard work and gained the support of 90% of Russians, including President Vladimir Putin who's announced he'll be in Guatemala for the decision.

Director of Sochi's Committee, Dmitry Chernishenko says the next ten days in Guatemala aren't going to be a holiday.

“Presentations, polishing, training, rehearsal – and then the last minute lobbying when we'll have a chance to meet our friends, IOC members, to again and again assure them that we are a reliable partner and we are ready to provide the most efficient and compact games that will generate a historic legacy for the Olympic movement,” he said.