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7 Oct, 2007 14:16

Russian tycoons wrangle over money in London shop

According to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, Russian businessman in exile Boris Berezovsky has served a court summons to Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich demanding him to repay millions of dollars worth of debts.

It was a modern-day clash of strong wills and according to the Daily Mail it unraveled right in the centre of London.

After six months of fruitless attempts Boris Berezovsky has finally managed to serve a summons to his one-time business-partner Roman Abramovich.

The meeting resembled something out of a gangster movie.

Berezovsky, who allegedly believes the Chelsea football club owner owes him as much as 5 BLN pounds, spotted his rival during a shopping trip. Seizing the opportunity, the exiled Russian businessman fetched the summons from his car, and as a scuffle ensued between the two sets of bodyguards, cornered Abramovich.

According to the daily, Roman Abramovich pulled his arms back at the right moment and the papers fell to the floor. But it's thought CCTV footage of the drama will prove that the writ was served allowing Berezovsky to speed up proceedings.

Boris Berezovsky has been granted political asylum in the UK and is wanted in Russia on embezzlement charges and for trying to plot a coup.

The Daily Mail claims Boris Berezovsky confirmed the incident did take place. Meanwhile, Abramovich refused to comment but has recently upped his security staff to an army of 40 bodyguards, making him one of the best protected men in Britain. But whether he is safe from Berezovsky's demands remains to be seen.